Quality policy

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Quality Policy

As a company with long traditions and rich history, we strive to maintain our high position in the corn and milling market, as well as our credibility with customers and suppliers. We wish to create a new, better image of the company, both in the Polish market and abroad.

Maintaining the high quality and health safety of our products, striving continually to improve, and meeting the needs of customers are some of the most important goals of the management and all employees of Przedsiębiorstwo Zbożowo-Młynarskie „PZZ” w Stoisławiu S.A.

Facing the new challenges concerning the quality of food products, we want to provide our customers, both present and potential ones, with products that meet their expectations and guarantee satisfaction.

At the same time we would like to assure you that our products are safe in terms of health.

We want to be competitive in terms of the prices, as well as the comprehensiveness and timeliness of the rendered services.

A growth of trust among our customers and other stakeholders will be a proof that the quality requirements are met.

Our efforts, aimed at manufacturing safe products, are based on the following assumptions:

  1. The quality and health safety of our products are the responsibilities of the Company Food and Fodder Safety Team and of each employee of Przedsiębiorstwo Zbożowo-Młynarskie „PZZ” w Stoisławiu S.A.,
  2. The qualified and experienced staff is involved with actions aimed at improving the quality, repeatability and safety of our products,
  3. Our employees raise their qualifications and professional skills, and are regularly trained in the food safety of our products,
  4. The actions of the management and employees are aimed at recognising, defining and analysing threats that may lower the health safety of our products, solving existing problems and preventing irregularities,
  5. We are constantly increasing the hygienic awareness of our staff,
  6. Using the available resources, we strive to constantly develop by improving the manufacturing technology, as well as the quality and health safety of our products, in line with the technical and economic progress,
  7. Taking care of the high standard of our products and the repeatability of their features, we apply modern technologies, making sure at the same time that the manufacturing process is environment-friendly and meets all the principles of environmental protection, and is compliant with the binding legal regulations,
  8. We strive for regular development in the manufacturing, service and sales activities by constantly extending our offer,
  9. We develop the sale market by searching for new clients, at the same time maintaining regular contact with current customers,
  10. In order to optimally meet the requirements of the customers, we research their needs and expectations, gathering and making use of their comments, opinions and information on our products,
  11. 11. Our supplier selection system guarantees provision of top-quality raw and auxiliary materials that meet the feed and fodder safety requirements.

The declared food and fodder quality and safety policy is executed in close cooperation of the company's management, staff, customers and suppliers. The involvement of the employees of Przedsiębiorstwo Zbożowo-Młynarskie „PZZ” w Stoisławiu S.A. in maintaining and improving the food and fodder quality and safety system is a guarantee that the finished products and the rendered services will meet the requirements of the customers and of the quality standards.

The execution of the goals listed above will be guaranteed by the improvement of the Food and Fodder Quality and Safety Management System based on the PN-EN ISO 22000:2006 standards, and on the requirements of the GMP+, IFS and REDcert standards.